Utility Services

There are many Managers that are driven by their ability and day-to-day performance in playing a part toward ensuring the continual uninterrupted provision of necessary utility services that may suffer from the actions of unwanted visitors / trespassers causing thoughtless disruption to so many people.

By nature, utility providers are exposed due to the large number of sites, materials and equipment required to provide the services from which we all benefit. These sites unfortunately will remain a focus to the wrong type of people and invariably require constant and reliable surveillance during designated hours / periods.

Aside from the safeguarding of the items of interest at the locations controlled by utility providers, there also is a need to maintain a recorded history of incidents within areas of interest to provide cover against public liability claims resulting from factors outside the control of managers.

We offer a variety of superior solutions to enhance the present best-efforts applied to the protection of assets, sites and items of interest to such operations.